The Year of Great Results – 2020

Alhamdo lillah, HSC students of AICS has produced quite an amazing result in year 2020.


Masha Allah, 12 students have achieved 14 band-6s and 50 band-5s. These results are very impressive and have raised the rank of AICS to number 256 in NSW, putting them above many surrounding schools. It is an exceptional achievement for the students, school and community.


Mashallah, our top student, Hira Farid, achieved an ATAR of 98.20. Which allowed her entrance into her number preference, medicine.


Hira Farid

Imran Rather

Uzma Mansur

Iman Khan

Fatimah El Dannaoui

Aisha Shabbir

Hiba Farid

Md Areeb Khan

Fatima Nadeem

Faizah Khan

Eesha Zainab

Hadeer Khan


Furthermore, 9 of our students have received early offer as Leaders and Achievers from Macquarie University.  Click on the icon to read the recognition letter.



Subhanallah, year 2020 has been unlike any other year. Roaring bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic created an atmosphere of uncertainty for students and teachers across the country. But, Alhamdo lillah, our students have adapted their thinking and expanded their understanding of what it means to learn. We have been amazed by the flexibility, tenacity and creativity that our students have shown as they have navigated this new and different way of accessing their education.


We thank Allah for this remarkable success and look forward to further improvements. Thanks are also due to all executives, teaching and non-teaching staff for their efforts, dedication and commitment to AICS throughout the year.


As their Principal, I pray to Allah that this upward trend continues and gains more momentum. And inspires us all to work even harder to support our students to fully realise their potential. Ameen.