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AICS has opened up the SEQTA Engage  online portal  to all parents and caretakers of students. It provides parents and caretakers direct access to information regarding their children’s progress at the College, such as:


  • academic reports
  • assessments results 
  • upcoming tasks
  • student timetables


More features will be added over time such as college notices and the ability to view teaching resources provided to students.


The College strongly recommends all parents or caretakers to activate their respective SEQTA Engage accounts for their families.


Mobile Phone App

The official SEQTA Engage app can also be installed on the mobile phone to receive notifications when new content is released.


To set up an account, follow the instructions in the welcome email that was sent to the address of all registered fee-paying parents and caretakers. Please click on the links below to download a manual for installation of SEQTA Engage or view a video.


Manual –  SEQTA Engage Installation Guide

Video –


User Manual

AICS SEQTA team has prepared a manual to help the parents and caretakers in using AICS SEQTA Engage. Click on the link below to view and download the manual.


AICS SEQTA Engage Manual


More Help

Please contact the AICS SEQTA team via the email if you have any questions or issues related to SEQTA.