Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Australian Islamic College of Sydney (AICS) website. This website has been designed to improve communication between the College, students and parents. The site also serves to provide prospective parents and students and the general public with information about the College.

The Australian Islamic College of Sydney is an independent educational institution offering academic and Islamic education and pastoral care to students of many cultural backgrounds. All activities at the College are guided by Islamic faith, ethos and values.


The College is committed to developing and implementing the highest quality of educational programs. Central to all teaching programs is a commitment to developing students with skills, knowledge and understanding and abilities to embrace the challenges of the 21st Century. All programs aim to provide optimal learning opportunities to all students while promoting equity and excellence and instilling the Islamic attitudes, values and principles. In particular, the values of honesty, courtesy, care and compassion for others and fair play are seen as vitally important in the development of responsible citizens and are emphasized in all teaching and learning activities.


The teachers also motivate and challenge the students to take more pride in their studies and bear more responsibilities to enhance their academic performance. Students are immersed in a series of learning experiences that assist each student to reach his or her potential. Students also develop the skill sets that enable them to pursue their dreams while making a difference in the world.


The highly qualified and experienced teachers work in close partnership with parents at AICS to help all students to achieve their personal best. In addition they groom their students to become respectable and productive citizens of Australia and future leaders of their community and the nation.


It is an honour for me to serve as Principal of this dynamic and progressive educational institution. I am confident that parents who have chosen to educate their children at AICS will be happy to share a unique and rewarding educational, spiritual and social experience with our dedicated teaching staff.



Mohammed Riaaz Ali

Principal, AICS