Certainly the [obligatory] prayers have been prescribed to the believers to be performed at specified times. – The Holy Quran, Chapter 3, Verse 103


Five times prayer on the specified times are obligatory on all Muslims, men and women. It is one of the most distinguished aspect of the Islamic Faith and an embodiment of faith in action. Amongst the many virtues of prayer or salaat is remembrance of Allah, punctuality, patience, concentration and cleanliness & hygiene. It also teaches the manners of a congregation and respect for others in a congregation.


At AICS we teach our students about the importance of praying regularly so that it becomes part and parcle of their lives as a responsible adult. All students are taught how to pray, how to perform the wudhu or ablution and duaa or supplications as part of their Islamic studies cirriculum. All students are required to pray with the congregation.


Facilites for prayer and wudhu (ablution)


Zuhr or mid-day prayer is prayed during the school hours at the mosque next door to the college. Friday congregation for students are held in the school hall.


Ample facilities for wudhu or ablution are installed at the school premises as well as at the mosque for all students, separately for boys and girls.