Vision, Mission and Values


The philosophy of Australian Islamic College of Sydney is to provide educational environment and programs that facilitate optimal learning opportunities, promote equity and excellence and instills the Islamic values and principles in all its students.


The vision of the College is to become an educational institution of choice in Australia renowned for its ability to guide and educate its students to become model citizens with high level of academic excellence and Islamic values, morals and ethics.



The College’s mission is to provide excellent academic, cultural, artistic, physical and religious education in an Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, to help them develop into well-educated individuals who are:

  • – Ready to face the challenges of ever changing world
  • – Balanced in intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects
  • – Life-long learners
  • – Prepared to contribute to the development of their community and the wider Australian society.



The Australian Islamic College of Sydney values providing students with the opportunities to enable them to reach their highest possible level of academic, social and cultural attainment so that they become well-educated, responsible and religious citizens capable of contributing positively to the development and betterment of their own community, the nation and the world as a whole.

More specifically the College values:

a) Creation of an educational environment that is conducive to the development of students’
understanding of the central truths of the Islamic faith, the moral values and man’s relation to God
and fellow man.
b) Development of a harmonious and stimulating community atmosphere in which staff are mutually supportive and assist the students to develop self-appreciation, social awareness, reverence of life, integrity and responsibility.
c) Encouraging each student to develop the highest possible level of academic social and cultural attainment he or she is capable of, with excellence as a goal in all activities.
d) Creation of a teaching and learning environment that brings about balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual elements of each students’ life.
e) The development of responsible citizens with a willingness to serve both their Islamic community and the wider Australian society.
f) The provision of an educational environment that promotes the spirit of enquiry and the skill for life-long learning.

The entire teaching and learning and processes at the College are geared towards translating these values into practice.
All activities of the College are based on the above philosophy,vision,mission and values.

Islamic Values in Practice:

The students are taught the Islamic values through the implementation of strong Islamic Studies curriculum throughout all the year levels.  Students are taught to respect and value what is stated in the Qu’ran and to aim for the inspirational conduct of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in all that they do and achieve.  The students are expected to not only live by these values at school, but at all times. As a means of reinforcing the Islamic values, students pray the Zuhur (midday) and the Jumah (Friday) prayers at the school. The older students also fast during the month of Ramadan and all students observe Islamic festivals and holidays.