Middle School

The Middle School at AICS provides quality education for students from Year 5 to Year 8 in an inclusive, safe, supportive, and Islamic environment. The Middle School strives to equip students with academic, social and life skills so they are ready to face and overcome the challenges of senior schooling.


At Middle School we have high expectations from all students in their academic and non-academic disciplines. In addition to high academic achievement, our students have an obligation to display good manners and behaviour at all times. The entire school community’s expectation is to support the Islamic ethos of the College. We empower our teachers to pursue excellence and inspire our students to pursue their interest and be the leaders of tomorrow.


The Middle School offers NESA stage 3 and 4 curriculum together with Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic. The school is well equipped to deliver both face to face and also remote online teaching and learning programs. Students holistic growth is also supported by extra-curricular activities such as sports, science club, gardening and games club. Students need aspirations and inspirations to be successful as the poet Seemab bint e Aqil who so eloquently said:


“Thoughts are changed by the power of pen

And nations are built by hard work of men.”