Meet our students

Salman Al Mobayed



“Business Studies has been an amazing subject as we learn various aspects of a business itself. We did many activities to help understand how a business operates. This subject is a fun and an interesting subject as it helps a person in their daily lives. It has taught me beneficial skills that I will need in the real world. From power point slides and lectures to interactive activities these Business lessons broadened my knowledge as a whole.”

Arezo Akrami


“Our teachers teach our classes with enthusiasm and give us extra help to ensure we thoroughly understand the topics. As we are a smaller class it has been an advantage to our learning to have one-on-one guidance from the teacher. AICS helps me learn from my mistakes and always encourages me to achieve my best.”


Sohail Tariq

“It is without equivocation when I say that Australian Islamic College of Sydney is a truly magical place. It is now difficult to remember a time when I wasn’t an AICS student and I believe that this remarkable school has truly shaped me into the emergent, confident man I am today. Looking back at the past five years I have spent within the vibrant halls of AICS, I have come to appreciate the sense of enthusiasm with which students approach all aspects of school life. Each day seems to bring a new opportunity, a classroom filled with animated discussion, friendly classmates and a chance to learn and collaborate in a school that fosters a love of life-long learning. “

Faaria Ariff Shaaikh


“Each student is a valued part of AICS life, after-school classes and extracurricular activities, making it difficult to escape a day at AICS without receiving a cheerful Salam and smile. Guided by the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), each student is called to act with a unique and cheerful heart whilst striving to be their best self and pursue their dreams, whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the drama space, amongst the musical groups or in another area the school offers.”


Raisa Tariq


“AICS has started something new from the beginning of 2017. Our music teacher came up with a brilliant idea for a girl’s school choir. This choir includes the participation of grade 7 and 8 students. This amazing idea had started small but eventually it grew better and better by every moment. Practises during lunch were very entertaining and we even received a few audiences from primary and staff. Teamwork plays a big part in the choir and everyone, including the teachers are dedicated and committed. I am very thankful to all my peers and teachers who supported our choir and made it better.”



Tahmeed Hussain


“AICS is the school of opportunities. I was here since kindergarten every day at this school I learn new things. I grew in strength, integrity and in knowledge at AICS. I have seen this school develop in many ways. I have made many friends throughout these years.  One of my goals is to graduate from this miraculous school. I have met a lot of teachers that have helped me grow like an outgrowing butterfly. I would never forget this school or these teachers that have helped me. And of course the canteen was my favourite facility.”


Tulaib Bhatti


“PDHPE is one of my favourite subjects. It is a challenging and fun subject at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy learning about how to take care of our body; in terms of nutrition and physical exercise. The Soccer Competition is an event I always look forward to. Versing other schools such as Unity Grammar teaches both sportsmanship and helps develop my soccer skills.”


Samah Farook

“At AICS there are a lot of ways to bring out your inner creativity and innovative selves, and one of them is through design and technology. Design and Technology is a subject that is dearly treasured by not just me, but many. From the first moment I set foot in L2, I fell in love with the subject. We can be unique, fun and expressive of our inner capabilities just by participating in the enjoyable activities that are prepared for us. Trips, excursions and fun assignments encourage us to embrace our own ideas and stick to them to create something that can benefit the world. All of us have a little innovative side to us that just wants to burst and make a positive change in a creative way.”


Mariam Jalloh


“Year Advisors can be more than just a pillar of support at our school. They can be someone you can laugh with and even cry with at times. Journey through school can be a terrifying experience with highs and lows. Having a constant role model and someone you seek for guidance make this journey to adulthood much less frightening. Top things I have learnt from my year advisor is to cherish the moments, take up leadership roles and take on new opportunities.”


Ahmad Kasady

“To me, fitness has always been my main focus in my day to day activities. AICS has pushed me, to not only become a better athlete but to strive and always want to achieve greatness. Sport is always a big part of my life and has shaped me and the values and morals I have from that. Our teachers tell us to be better than what we were yesterday. They taught us to overcome our fears. They taught us to focus our strengths. They taught us to not be afraid of failure.”