The aim of the AICS Library is to support the curriculum of Australian Islamic College of Sydney. This involves providing a wide variety of resources designed to meet a range of individual abilities, interests, learning situations, curricular and information needs of students and staff.

Facilities and Learning Support

Australian Islamic college of Sydney has a range of programs to support literacy and learning. All programs are connected to students, staff, teachers, teacher librarians, support staff and require continuous support from different community groups (students, teachers and parents) to achieve the desired outcomes.
One of the best programs that we use to support literacy in the library is the “NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge” (PRC), and a special reading program “Ramadan Readathon” related to our religious holy month of Ramadan. Students are rewarded with participation certificates and special awards based on their level of participation in these reading programs.

We also facilitate a wide number of activities that support a culture of reading in our school. These activities include coordinating book fairs, promoting and administering book clubs, and participating in Children’s Book Week, Science week, National literacy and numeracy week, National Simultaneous Story time program, Read for Australia and Reading Hour every year. The objectives are to improve literacy skills of our students and the number of students who complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge and any other reading program that is run by the college, to have them read more demanding texts in a sustained manner and, most importantly, to enjoy reading.
Our text books collection and related texts are being expanded across a number of formats including eBooks and due to increased number of students we are upgrading our referencing and class novel sections so that resources are widely available and accessible. Students are able to browse and retrieve information about Islamic studies, current affairs, geography, history, cooking, business, arts and science using books, magazines, newspapers and online resources. It has been a pleasure to some students borrowing classic novels which exposes them to great writing, famous plots and excellent examples of genres. We strongly encourage students to use multiple libraries so that they can have unlimited access to information and acquire benefits from many online and print resources.


Mobile and Internet Facilities

The Primary and High School libraries lend tablets (iPads) and laptops to students and teachers. Desktop work-stations are also available in High School library for research, high-end computing and collaboration works. All tablets and laptops are Internet ready and have WiFi connections from all premises of the campus. Students regularly use work stations for research,  assignments and online exams.  Students also borrow laptops & tablets for classroom learning and appear for online quizes & tests as well.
The introduction and use of technology in the Primary Library has encouraged greater sharing of resources and collaboration amongst teachers. Students and teachers now have access to 60 iPads and 60 laptops to use to support the classrooom and self-paced learning activities as envisioned by AICS.


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