Islamic Art and Cultural Event

To celebrate the occasion of Ramadhan ‘Eid, Australian Islamic College of Sydney, under the auspices of the Islamic Studies Department and the Arts & Culture teachers of Junior School, held an exhibition of student’s Islamic Arts and Cultural works on Thursday May 18, 2021.


The exhibition was held at the Assembly Hall. Parents and students visited the exhibition and appreciated the zeal and creativity of the young student. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Head of Junior School Mr. Paddy Smith. All teachers and many parents/guardians graced the occasion with their presence.


Students picked individual theme and give it artistic expressions through various methods: building cardboard models, water colour drawings, lead drawings, embossed printing, constructing designs using daily-use materials such as cotton, cardboards, seeds, rubber rings. Masha Allah, the students pick up varying themes related to Islamic culture and beliefs: verses of the Quran, Asma-ul-Husna, Islamic design patterns, Islamic architecture and the two Holy Mosques.


Some of the pictures from the exhibition are posted here for your viewing pleasure. May Allah ﷻ imbibe in our student’s hearts and minds the love of Islam and the ability to serve the Australian commuinty. Ameen.

Ka'ba and Masjid drawings uing Cardboard and seeds
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