HSC 2020 Achievements Celebration



On the evening of the 6th of February, 2021, the College Board hosted a celebratory dinner to recognise the success of the students, teachers and the College in 2020. The 2020 HSC results are some of the best results the College has achieved, with students accomplishing numerous band 6s, ATARs above 85 and over 35 students receiving early University offers at the end of last year.


The Year 12 teachers were recognised for their efforts and achievements through the year of 2020, which had its own set of challenges. Not only getting the students through the most stressful year of their schooling, but also adapting and pushing through the changing learning environments of COVID-19.


The 2020 cohort were welcomed back with open arms, with invitations extending to family members to join in the celebration of their success. Students were recognised for their determinations and rewarded for their accomplishments.


Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

  • Hiba Farid (Dux)
  • Iman Khan
  • Imran Rather
  • Uzma Mansur
  • Hira Farid
  • Aisha Shabbir
  • Fatimah El Dannoui


The dinner was a great success, with the presence of a number of honoured guests such as Mr Edmond Atalla (MP), Hon Ed Husic, Cr. Tony Bleasdale (Mayor of Blacktown) and Mr Muhammad Ashraf (CG of Pakistan); including members of the College Board, Dr Shujaullah Kirmani (Chairman), Masud Cheema (CEO) and Mr Nasib Mohammed (Business Manager).


We congratulate all the 2020 cohort on their success and In Sha Allah we continue to hold such events in celebration of the success of our students in the coming years.


 Some snaps from the occasion for your viewing pleasure. Also click here to see Member for Chifley Hon Ed Husic’s complements to AICS and the students in the Federal Parliament of Australia.


Chairman's Address
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