Enrolment Process

AICS has a simple process of enrolment for the candidate students. It involves few steps as broadly outlined below.

Fill in enrolment application form for the candidate (online enrolment application is preferred method).

Upload / attach all necessary documents listed in online enrolment form or in PDF copy of enrolment form (if you are not applying via online enrolment).

Pay application fee ($50, non-refundable for Year K – Year 8 and $ 60 no-refundable for Year 9 -Year 11).

If candidate passes the enrolment screening then candidate will appear for test and / or interview.

Successful candidate will proceed for enrolment.


AICS encourages parents to apply online.  To apply online for enrolment please click on the link below 

Online Enrolment

  To view detail enrolment processes and the dates please click on the links below.

View and download Kindergarten to Year 6 Enrolment Process

View and download Year 7 Enrolment Process

View and download Years 8 to 11 Enrolment Process

Should you have any questions regarding enrolment please email to the address below with details.