A Brief Introduction

The Messenger of Allah said : “Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.”                                   – Muslim , Book 13, Hadith 6
Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. To achieve quality education, the College has exposed students to numerous activities. Students are given the opportunity to participate in various competitions, cultural as well as extracurricular activities which mould them to be a better citizen.
The curriculum has been developed to ensure that quality teaching and learning is at the forefront of everything we do. Our educational programs enables our students to develop their potential and to pursue their creativity and critical thinking which operates in every class each day. Our Student Wellbeing Program enables our students to be fully supported in their learning through the use of positive philosophies which underpins all student activities. These proactive student Wellbeing Programs meet the specific needs of our students.
The College places a strong emphasis on holistic learning and student leadership. This ensures that our students develop into confident young men and women fully ready to take their place as leaders within their communities in academics, culture and sports.
Through a holistic learning approach, students learn to know and to live together harmoniously. By emphasising these abilities we believe that our students are well balanced individuals who are happy and self-motivated to achieve their personal best.
We value the remarkable opportunity to nurture our students by building into their spiritual development in all aspects of our College life. We benefit from scholastic accountability, professional development, and local competition in sports through our partnership with other Islamic Schools.


Our teachers are passionate and enthusiastic educators who inspire our students to achieve outstanding results not only in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate but also in additional academic, sports, cultural, environment and leadership programs.
Some examples of additional programs that encourage holistic learning at our school include: Inter School Debating Competitions, Inter School Sports Competition, San Tan Awards Scheme, Science Clubs including Robotics, Maths programs, Charity Networks, SRC and Prefects, Learning Support Programs, Reading Projects, School Learning Leading Projects, Science Week, Numeracy and Literacy Week, Book Fair to name a few!
We are a small College with ‘big school’ facilities. We enjoy the intimacy of being a small College and consequently, we are able to nurture strong bonds between our students and our Faculties.


When students come to AICS, they benefit from the Islamic, academic and extracurricular activities. They are also blessed by the rich opportunities to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is our deepest hope and prayer that this College will become a place where one can be called closer to faith and, in turn, draw them closer to All Mighty Allah.