Eco-Active Schools Program

Students and teachers at AICS have launched a program which encourages environment friendly activities that will make AICS an Eco-active  school.  This is already having an impact on our students who become more conscious and active in relation to the environment and global ecological system. The program’s focus are:


  • Recycle
  • Reuse
  • Reduce waste


Students, led by teacher Mr. Campbell Harvey, have organized separate bins to collect recyclable materials, guided students to use each bin correctly and reduce the use of one-time disposable items, such as plastic plates and cutlery. In the Progress Update report of the program, Mr. Harvey noted:


“It is my privilege to inform you that in our first week of the Eco-Active Schools Program we have been able to recycle $100 worth of cans, bottles and poppers.

With this average we will have the potential to save more than 200,000 recyclable containers from going into landfill in a single school year, and raise in excess of $4,000, with the hope of far more once we become more efficient as a school.


On top of that, we have recycled approximately 125kgs of food waste in our first week, which equates to 5 tonnes over a school year.  This is a fantastic start and thank you for your support! ”


AICS will continue to strive not only to become the eco-friendly college but promte eco-friendliness in the community and in Australia.