Cricketer Salman Irshad visits AICS

AICS held a workshop on Friday 12th May 2023 for all our aspiring cricketers. The college organized a visit by Salman Irshad, a player of international quality, he plays in the PSL for the Pishawar Zalmi team and other international T20 tournaments as well. He is a bowler of the highest quality, who can bowl at 146km/h while making the ball swing. He took time out on this day to spend more than an hour talking to the kids and giving coaching lessons as well. He was incredibly generous with his advice and time; the students and staff were very appreciative and delighted.

We look forward to using the inspiration gained to lead us to victory in our match against WGS later in term 2, 2023.


Rafaa Quddusi

Sports Coordinator

Signing autographs
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