2018 Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremeony of HSC students was held on 28th September 2018 at the  AICS Hall.


The ceremony was attaned by parents, familiy members, Principal, dignitaroies and teachers. Amongst the digninatories were Dr Jan Ali, Sociologist of Religion, UWS, Mr. Abdul Majid Yousufani, Consul General, Pakistan, Mr. Chelat Abbas, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Bilal Abdus Samad who offered the young graduates adivce and tips for their future life. They share their experiences from their personal life and professional life as Australian Muslims. Principal Dr. Imam Ali expressed his hopes that the foundation laid by AICS will raise them to higher levels of acheivements and wished them the best.


The graduates expressed their appreciation and thanked the speakers for sharing it with them. The students also took the opportunity to express their thanks and respects for all their teachers. They recounted their fond memories and experiences at AICS.


Awards were given to the students who attained high and outstanding outcomes in various subjects.

May Allah bless them all and may they succeed in both worlds. Ameen.