Australian Islamic College of Sydney expects our students and staff to conduct themselves in a manner that is decent, courteous and conforming with the laws of Australia and the Islamic ethos of the college. This is expected of them on campus as well as off-campus. Any behaviour that contravenes the laws or the ethos of the college will be dealt with according to the laws and college’s policies and procedures. 


These policies are clearly spelt out and staff and students are made fully aware of them so that they may conduct themselves accordingly and follow through the remedial procedures, in the rare event of need. To view the relevant policies or download them please click on the links below.


AICS Uniform Policy

AICS Boys Hair Policy

AICS School Fees Policy

AICS Enrolment Policy

AICS Anti Bullying Policy
AICS Community Grievance Procedures
AICS Complaints Policy
Student Behaviour Management Policy Secondary School
Student Behaviour Management Policy Primary School