Respected Parents / Guardians,


Assalaamu Alaikum,

In order to communicate the general news and events of the college, AICS has launched its newsletter and circulated it for its students and staff. This newsletter is now also available to the wider community.


AICS Newsletter is a great source of information about the communications from the Principal, Deputy Principal, teacher’s views, administrative notifications, important dates in a semester, students activities, and the college’s engagements with community organizations.

Overall the Newsletter gives the parents a great summary and a refreshing overview of a semester at the college. Do not miss it!


Click the link below to download the Newsletter in PDF Format.


Current Newsletter:


AICS Newsletter Term3, Issue 3  18th Sep 2018

Previous Newsletters


AICS Newsletter Term3, Issue 2  28th Aug 2018

AICS Newsletter Term3, Issue 1  9th Aug 2018


AICS Newsletter Term2, Issue 3 28th Jun 2018


AICS Newsletter Term2, Issue 2 7th Jun 2018


AICS Newsletter Term 2, Issue 1 17th May 2018


AICS Newsletter Term 1, Issue 3 6th Apr 2018

AICS Newsletter Term 1, Issue 2 8th Mar 2018

AICS Newsletter Term 1, Issue 1 14th Feb 2018