Important Communication from the Principal

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please read the following document carefully as it contains important information about your child’s education at AICS.
Changes to minimum standard in education in New South Wales

The Principal,
AICS, Mt. Druitt, NSW.



Kindy Learns About Letters and Sounds
This term Kindergarten has been working very hard with their letters and sounds. They have been doing some fun and engaging activities in the classroom to help them learn.It has been great to see all the students trying their best to sound out their words. Even lovelier to see was how students helped other out when something proved to be a little tricky! All the teachers have enjoyed seeing students become excited about all the new words they can make and spell. We are looking forward to seeing their skills grow even more throughout the term!





Goulburn 2015 Tour 
Diversity is a way of learning at AICS. As part of their course requirement in International Studies, the students of Year 10 had the opportunity to visit and meet students of different cultural backgrounds in Goulburn High School on 7th September in term 3 of this year. Throughout the day AICS students along with the host school took part in many engaging activities like treasure hunt, using directions to navigate a blindfolded person, visiting the school farm, art and craft activities. They also enjoyed an Aussie barbecue.