Cyber Bullying

Local youth liaison officer Constable Dean Perkins gave a very informative talk on Cyber Bullying for students from years 5 to 12 today (July 25, 2018), 9:00am to 11:200 am at the Hall, AICS Mount Druitt campus.


Students were given a talk and presented with a documentary to educate them about the importance of keeping within the privacy rules and keeping safe when using all internet based media: social media, email, texting, file/image sharing, cloud-based services, gaming and other forms of information sharing over the internet.


Constable Perkins took questions from students at the end of the presentation and gave them a wealth of tips and techniques to prevent any incident or harm.


The simple message is don’t do anything in the cyber space that you wouldn’t do in real world. Or deal with strangers who you do not know.